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Sur cette page vous pouvez télécharger la police akaDylan Open dans sa version Version 1.00 2005 initial release, qui appartient à la famille de polices akaDylan Open (Regular tracing). Police créée par akaDylan-Open. Graphiste : James Daniel Milligan (pour tout communication, utilisez l'adresse suivante : http://freefonts.fateback.com/james_milligan/). Téléchargez akaDylan Open gratuitement sur FR.AllFont.net. Cette police appartient aux catégories suivantes: polices 3d, polices gratuites, polices latines. Taille de la police: 333 Kb uniquement.

Police akaDylan Open
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Copyright Copyright (c) James Milligan, 2005. All rights reserved.
Famille akaDylan Open
Traçage Regular
Identité JamesMilligan: akaDylan Open: 2005
Nom complet akaDylan Open
Version Version 1.00 2005 initial release
Nom PostScript akaDylanOpen
Fabricant akaDylan-Open
Taille 333 Kb
Marque déposée akaDylan Open and akaType are trademarks of James Milligan.
Créateur James Daniel Milligan
URL du créateur http://freefonts.fateback.com/james_milligan/
URL du fournisseur http://freefonts.fateback.com/james_milligan/
Description de la licence - This font was digitized by James Milligan for akaType. - This font is initially released as Freeware. However, it is NOT placed in the public domain. All protectable rights are reserved to James Milligan and akaType. - This font may be distributed via the Internet for FREE. Under NO circumstances may this font be sold for a profit nor be included as part of another product or CD-ROM compilation without written permission from James Milligan or akaType. - You may install and use this font on an unlimited number of machines. - This font comes "as is" with NO warranty whatsoever. James Milligan & akaType accept NO responsibility for any damages or loss of any kind due to the use of this font. The use of this font is solely your responsi- bility. - Enjoy the font! James D. Milligan [email protected]

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